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Refer a Friend

Policy terms of referring a friend to Apples & Honey Preschool

  • Apples & Honey Preschool's 'Refer a Friend' offer is only available to families with a child enrolled at Apples & Honey Preschool. It entitles the referring family to one week's free preschool. 

  • This offer is subject to preschool enrolment availability. 

To be eligible for this special offer: 

  • The new child's enrolment must be for a minimum of two days per week (subject to day availability).

  • The new child's enrolment must remain at a minimum of two days per week at all times until the qualifying date (six months after the date of enrolment of the new child); and 

  • Your child and the new child must still be enrolled and still in preschool care on the qualifying date (six months after the date of enrolment of the new child). 

  • You may recommend more than one new child. 

  • A 'No charge' rate will be applied to the regular days your child attends over the period of a week, after the qualifying period. 

  • Apples & Honey Preschool will use our best endeavours to apply this on the month following the qualifying date. 

  • This 'No charge' rate will not be applied to your account if your child's enrolment and care and/or the new child's enrolment and care, is cancelled for any reason on or before the qualifying date. 

  • This offer is not transferrable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash. 

  • Apples & Honey Preschool reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time, without notice. 

The following definitions apply: 

  • A new child means a friend/family/acquaintance's child enrols at your recommendation at Apples & Honey Preschool for a minimum standard of two days a week. A new child does not include the sibling of a child already enrolled with Apples & Honey Preschool.

  • New commencing date means the date that the new child starts at Apples & Honey Preschool. 

  • Qualifying date means the date that is six calendar months after the new commencing date of the new child. 

  • These special offer terms are supplementary to Apples & Honey Preschool's  Enrolment, which apply in full at all times. 

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