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Our Day

Our Day

At Apples & Honey Preschool Chatswood, we believe that there are many different ways of thinking, discovering and learning. We believe that children learn best through play within the context of meaningful and respectful relationships. As such, our daily program is structured around a combination of informal and formal experiences and interactions.


Each day, the educators use both indoor and outdoor environments to provide opportunities for the children to play, learn and explore.

Daily experiences available, include: construction, reading books, drawing, painting, play dough, puzzles, pretend play, sand play, water play, climbing, balancing, ball games and gardening. Regular opportunities to cook are a highlight of the preschool week.

Music experiences are another highlight of the preschool week, as the children come together to learn new songs and get their bodies moving.

Excursions and visits

From time-to-time, we arrange special experiences for the children. These are often linked to the current interests of the children, and build on learning experiences throughout the term. Recent examples include a bush walk in Beauchamp Park, a visit from the Willoughby Fire Brigade, and a visit from a past parent who works as a local beekeeper.

Annual events, festivals and celebrations

Throughout the year, we celebrate a range of cultural festivals, we link these celebrations to other cultures and values that can be shared by all. We love celebrating diverse cultural and special events such as Chinese New Year, Harmony Day, NAIDOC, Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Families are also welcome to share and organise celebrations, including birthdays, and other festivals and traditions.

Documenting your child’s learning

The early childhood teachers and educators at Apples & Honey Preschool keep daily records as they observe the children at play. These observations form the basis of future planning and programming, ensuring the experiences offered each week are suited to the specific needs and interests of the children. StoryPark is the app we use to help you keep connected with your child and their educators. This secure and private app allows educators to post updates on your child’s day complete with photos and videos, share learning and development stories and communicate important news to you in real time.

Work samples, drawings, paintings, photographs and selected observations are collected by the educators throughout the year to build a portfolio representing your child’s experience at the preschool. Each portfolio demonstrates the progress your child makes over the course of a year, and also provides a beautiful keepsake for your family.

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