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Our Setting

inside apples and honey preschool

We offer a high quality, child-centred environment that encourages exploration and discovery. Our two classes, Rimon (3-4 years) and Tamar (4-6 years), share our indoor and outdoor environments, providing opportunities for specialised intentional teaching and programs throughout the day. Our spacious well-resourced preschool room is filled with natural light and inviting spaces to promote learning, dramatic play, drawing and writing, reading, construction and the creation of fabulous works of art. Our indoor areas open directly onto our beautiful garden  and playground.  

Our outdoor play area is well shaded by both shade sails and trees, and provides opportunities for play, exploration and discovery.  Our outdoor learning space has been created to maximise an appreciation of the natural environment and provide stimulating sensory challenges for your child. Large open spaces allow opportunities for your child to engage in challenging obstacles, team games, large construction activities, gardening, sand and mud play and risk-taking in a safe place. Physical play is a vital part of everyday life - it enhances concentration, motivation and learning and provides children with increasing control over their own bodies. 

apples and honey playground
school readiness at apples and honey

Both indoor and outdoor spaces are thoughtfully set up and continually evolve to meet the children’s changing interests and needs. Our preschool also has access to the hall directly above it and the courtyard behind the preschool.

Our indoor area features modern technology, including a smartboard for educational content and sessions. 

We have a new sustainable vegetable garden, where the children assist with planting, caring for and hopefully harvesting fruit and vegetables. Book a tour today as we would love to show you around!

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