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Accessing funding for childcare is as easy as A, B, C

Due to new Government support families can access quality early education for their children, providing them with a solid foundation for success in school and beyond. At Apples & Honey we are committed to giving your children the best start they can have. We know families want long hours care, 50 weeks per year, school readiness programming in a centre that provides nutritious daily meals with caring dedicated educators. We also know it can be confusing, so we have made it as easy as A, B, C to understand funding and make our care very affordable for families.

A. Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

The Federal government provides Child Care Subsidy to eligible families. The funding reduces the fees that eligible families pay for approved childcare. The Child Care Subsidy percentage you’re entitled to depends on your family’s income. Once approved CCS is paid directly to Apples and Honey for the child. Apples and Honey charges the family only the Gap Fee that is left after CCS has been deducted. The maximum amount of CCS is 90% for families earning up to $80,000. Families earning over $80,000 and under $530,000 may get a subsidy starting from 90%. Depending on their income, the subsidy will go down by 1% for each $5,000 of income they earn. To learn more about claiming the CCS, you can log into your MyGov account and complete an assessment task. You’ll need your registered CRN to do this.

B. NSW Start Strong Fee Relief

From 2024, the NSW government will be trialling Start Strong Fee Relief for children turning 3 years old on or before 31 July 2024 and who are enrolled in an eligible long day care service or Multifunctional Aboriginal Children's service. The fee relief for this age group will be up to $500 per child per year. The trial is planned to take place for two years.

This builds on the existing NSW Start Strong program, which provides fee relief to families with children aged 4 on or before 31 July 2024. The amount of fee relief remains the same as in 2023 (up to $2110 per year per child). As Apples and Honey is open 50 weeks in 2024, this amount is $42.20 per week over the 50 weeks. Families may only claim the Fee Relief at one centre. The Fee Relief is paid to Apples and Honey for the child and deducted from fees.

A child who commences enrolment in the middle of the year and is enrolled for about 6 months, will receive approx. half the amount in Fee Relief i.e., $1,055


For example, child A is turning four by 31 July 2024, attends 3 days per week, their family earns up to $80k, they could be receiving the following in fee support:

CCS: Approximately $124 reduction in fee amount per day

NSW Fee Relief: Approximately $14 reduction in fee amount per day.

Total fee reduction per day: $138 per day.

For a family earning $90k, they would receive.


CCS: approx. $120 reduction

NSW Fee Relief: same as above

Total fee reduction per day $124.00

Learn more about the NSW Start Strong Fee Relief here

What this means for a family that is eligible for both CCS and NSW Start Strong Fee Relief, is that you could pay very little in daily fees for a high quality, long hours preschool that is open 50 weeks per year and provides nutritious meals.


C. Apples & Honey $400 Sign-Up Discount For New Enrolments!

New 2024 or 2025 Enrolments received by 31 July 2024 are eligible for a Special Discount. Discount applies to enrolments of two or more days:

 - For children turning 3 in 2024: $400 discount for 2 days or $600 discount for 3 or more days.

 - For children turning 4 in 2024: $200 discount for 2 days or $300 discount for 3 of more days.

 The discount is applied before CCS is calculated.

We are enrolling now for 2024 and 2025 and have spaces available so please talk to us today to reserve your place.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. While we strive to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content, individual circumstances may vary, and thus, readers are encouraged to verify and cross-reference the information with qualified experts or relevant sources.

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