Remote Learning

Activities to do with children at home...

Many families have been seeking ways that they can support the education of their preschooler, while they're working from home. No easy task! So, we have come up with a program that's tailored for you to use at home. 

Developing cognitive skills 

  • Counting: how many blue/red/yellow objects can you find at home? Tally up the results. 

  • Build with blocks and Lego. Extend this exercise by using colours to make patterns.

  • Puzzles. 

  • Letters and numbers: find things in your home that have numbers or letters. For example - magnetic numbers, etc. 

  • Roll-A-Spider Bingo Game Resources required: dice, counters (or coins) and game card. 

  • Following instructions: ask your child to help with cooking and cleaning.

  • Experiences with multiple instructions: encourage your child to follow your directions. 

  • Following Instructions Activity Board: create a daily routine in picture form, where children draw the different activities of the day. For example: waking up, getting dressed, etc. 

  • Draw a shopping list with Mum or Dad.

  • Make slime or goo. 

  • Straw painting/ blowing. 

  • Balloon painting/feather painting.

  • Counting objects, e.g. beads, marbles, stones.

Green Slime

Enhancing physical skills

  • Bubble blowing

  • Ball throwing/catching (can be used with a stuffed toy instead)

  • Oobleck or Slime

  • Play dough: make shapes, roll, count objects made, make letters or numbers with play dough

  • Keep the balloon up: outdoor on a calm, windless day, or inside, have your kids use their hands or half of a pool noodle to keep a balloon afloat. How long can they keep the balloon off the ground?

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga 

  • Action songs: move and freeze

  • Cutting and gluing: use newspapers to cut with scissors and glue. 

  • Dancing to music.

  • Beach ball blanket toss: have two or four children hold the corners of a blanket (or towel). Throw a beach ball onto the blanket and listen to the kids giggle as they bounce the ball up and catch it.

  • Munch N Move:  active play activities

  • Painting with different sized brushes: small, medium, large.

  • Drawing with different utensils: crayons, textas, pencils.

  • White board drawing: with different markers.

  • Obstacle course outside: five star jumps, hop to the plant box, touch your toes five times, jump up and down five times, etc. 

  • Get dressed without assistance: dress ups - let them select what they would like to wear. 

Developing social skills

  • Dramatic play: role play, dress ups, pretend phone calls.

  • Cooking experiences: make a cake or cupcakes, host an afternoon tea. 

  • Super Simple Songs: music and movement

  • Story telling: draw a picture and share the story.

  • Puppet Show: share with all the family.

  • Make a Daily Journal: document of their day, through pictures

  • Skype or Face time a Friend. 

Increasing emotional skills

  • Make a happy book - take photos of your child during the day when they are happy, or let your child take pictures of what makes them happy. Print these pictures out and let your chil describe what is happening in the pictures. 

  • Turn taking: play board games, play Uno, enjoy card games and memory games. 

  • Provide positive reinforcement about how they have behaved during the day. 

  • Talk about feelings: "How do you feel today?" 

Boosting language skills 


  • Talk about the story with open ended questions -  

    • What did you like about the book? 

    • What was your favourite part? 

    • What happened when….?

    • Why was that….?

    • How did it make you feel? 

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