Apples and Honey Preschool offers a caring and nurturing environment for preschool-aged children. We are an inclusive, community based preschool providing children with quality, meaningful and inspiring education in a multicultural and progressive Jewish environment. Our Preschool community is diverse as we welcome children and families from all cultures, religions and nationalities into our intimate 40 place setting.

We are open 50 weeks a year, Monday – Thursday 8am-6pm and Friday 8am-4pm and are closed on NSW Public Holidays, and for Jewish festivals. We do not charge for days where the preschool is closed.


At Apples and Honey Preschool, it is our vision to create a high-quality Early Childhood environment which strives to continually grow, evolve and impact the lives of children, families, educators and the wider community. Our philosophy draws on the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child and the Australian National Law and Regulations. With these, and our professional ethics, we aim to create an environment which promotes diversity, inclusion and social equity.


Our objective is to provide a play-based curriculum for children that encourages thinking, investigating, exploring and problem solving, using a variety of mediums. Our daily programs reflect a calm, relaxed and exploratory environment for growing and learning, especially through our natural environments, which means lots of time spent outdoors in our beautiful natural setting.  


Our centre was established through our links with North Shore Temple Emanuel, a progressive Jewish community. Jewish traditions, values and customs are integrated naturally into the rhythm of our days. We also celebrate diversity within our community, celebrating not only Jewish holidays but other cultural and national days, such as Chinese New Year, Reconciliation Week, Harmony Day and more. Our community is a mix of children from all religions, nationalities and languages, and we welcome and value each family and their contribution. Embedded in our culture is the notion that families are a part of our service and are invited to make contributions to all aspects of its operation.


Location and parking

Situated on the secure grounds of North Shore Temple Emanuel, we’re in a great location in Chatswood; close to public transport, en-route to the city, and a 10 minute walk to Chatswood train station.

There’s ample onsite parking for the safe and convenient drop-off and pick-up of your children.