About Us


Apples & Honey Preschool is a Not-for-Profit Community Preschool providing high quality education and care to children aged  3 to 5 years. We are licensed for 40 children a day and are now offering Long Day Care hours and fees. 

Apples and Honey Preschool promotes the values and traditions of the rich Jewish culture, celebrating the Jewish festivals each year. Our Preschool Community is as diverse as the wider comunity as we welcome children and families from all cultures, religions and nationalities.

We promote an environment of mutual respect, school readiness and a love of learning. This is reflected by the diversity of families and educators and our curriculum. Our early childhood curriculum allows children to explore, as we aim to be developing mindful young people through play based environments supported through intentional teaching and using the Early Years Learning Framework to guide our practices. We also offer an inclusive and meaningful Jewish early learning program on specific days during the week.

Hours and Fees

Mondays to Thursdays from 8am - 6pm
Fridays only from 8am - 4pm

We’re open 50 weeks a year. We only close for 2 weeks over the Christmas/New Year period, on NSW Public Holidays, and for Jewish festivals. We do not charge for days where the preschool is closed.

We offer a flexible attendance program with 2, 3, 4 or 5 day enrolment options.

As we are not for profit we are able to offer fees lower than most competitors. We also have Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate available to our families who are eligible with Families Assistance Office. 

Location and parking

Situated on the secure grounds of North Shore Temple Emanuel, we’re in a great location in Chatswood; close to public transport, en-route to the city, and a 10 minute walk to Chatswood train station.

There’s ample onsite parking for the safe and convenient drop-off and pick-up of your children.

Come and visit

We encourage you and your child to visit us at Apples & Honey Preschool. We invite you to come meet our friendly and highly dedicated team of Educators and let your child explore our beautiful Preschool. This will give you an opportunity get a feel for the centre and ask any questions you may have.

We encourage you to place your child on our waitlist for when they turn 3 years. For information on current vacancies please speak with our Director.  

Our Environments

A high quality, child-centred environment that encourages exploration and discovery

Our two classes Rimon (3-4 years) or Tamar (4-5 years) share our indoor and outdoor environments with our routine providing opportunities for specialised intentional teaching and programs throughout the day. The first thing you will notice is how much space the children have in both the indoor and outdoor environments. 

Our beautiful well resourced Preschool room is filled with natural light and inviting spaces to promote learning in all developmental areas, including separate dining area, a library, writing area, dramatic areas, construction and huge art studio. Our indoor areas open directly onto our beautiful natural garden filled with trees and natural playspaces. 

The outdoor play area provides opportunities for play, exploration and discovery in the natural environment. Our outdoor playground is well shaded by both shade sails and beautiful trees. Our planting and gardening interest area is a permanent addition to our outdoor environment where we focus on learning about caring for our environment. 

Both indoor and outdoor spaces are thoughtfully set up and continually evolve to meet the children’s changing interests and needs. The Preschool also has access to the hall directly above the Preschool and the courtyard behind the Preschool. We often organise local excursions and incursions for the children. 


Dedicated to nurture, encourage, guide and inspire

We are very proud of the experience and qualifications of our educators. All our dedicated and professional educators are qualified, with a minimum of the  Diploma in Childrens Services and/or with Bachelor of Education (Universtiy Degree). Our centre director has almost 30 years experience in the Early Childhood Education sector and is an advocate for Quality Education and Care in Early childhood. Our team boasts higher ratios than required and higher qualified educators than required by the National Quality Regulations. 

Our experienced and highly trained team of educators are recognised for their warmth and professionalism, and are committed to providing excellence in early childhood education. Our educators make it a priority to listen, observe, and document children’s learning every day. Educators use their observations and expertise to form the basis of our developmentally appropriate curriculum.

At Apples & Honey Preschool, the role of the educator is to support and inspire the children by providing play-based experiences. These experiences are developed and adapted in response to the children’s changing interests, and encourage the children to think deeply, ask questions, and work collaboratively with their peers. Our educators use the daily curriculum to include all the interactions, experiences, activities, routines and events, planned and unplanned within the specially designed learning environments both indoor and outdoor to foster incdividual and group learning and development. 

Our educators foster quality education through play, and encouraging a love of learning in preparation for "big" school. We believe in promoting quality practices in our Preschool based on Early Childhood Pedagogy. 

Our educators work with all the children attending our Preschool, Ramon (3-4years) and Tamar (4-5years) groups share the large indoor space and beautiful natural garden. The Curriculum includes external visitors who promote physical development and sports. 

Our educators are committed to life-long learning. Supporting educator’s continual professional development is a cornerstone of our philosophy and practice.

Educational excellence, enabling each child to reach their full potential

Our preschool program is founded on up-to-date educational research. It promotes self-discovery, critical thinking, self respect, and awareness of others and the world. Within our program, children have the opportunity to:

  • Build meaningful relationships with peers and adults
  • Feel accepted and celebrated within the Apples & Honey community
  • Develop their interests through a broad range of experiences including music, art, construction, and cooking
  • Learn through play
  • Develop literacy and numeracy skills as they are integrated meaningfully into daily experiences
  • Celebrate a range of Jewish and other cultural festivals, encouraging a wider acceptance and appreciation of our multi-faith, multi-cultural society.

Our program includes a contemporary and meaningful Jewish educational program. In this program, Jewish traditions and values are interwoven into the wider curriculum.

For the community, not for profit

As a not-for-profit, community-based centre, the administration and management of Apples & Honey Preschool is sustained by a dedicated and collaborative team of staff, volunteer parents and local community members.

Community is a central value at our centre. We recognise that our families and children help shape the culture and fabric of Apples & Honey Preschool. We welcome and encourage parents’ contributions in many ways throughout the year. For example, parents are invited to participate in school events and join the preschool management committee. We also are dependent on the hard work of volunteer parents who organise fundraising events and get their hands dirty at preschool working bees.

Communication is key to sustaining our community connection. Regular newsletters, a community noticeboard, and letters sent home, are three of many ways we stay in touch with our preschool families.

Our centre is also strongly connected to the wider Jewish community of North Shore Temple Emanuel, through which the preschool was established. We honour this wider community by continually reflecting their values in the ways we relate to each other and by upholding our shared commitment to providing respectful, meaningful, and high quality educational experiences for young children.

Our philosophy

We’re a not-for-profit, community long-day care centre, offering a rich preschool educational program for all children.

Every day, we celebrate our children’s capacity to learn, relate and shape their own stories and experiences through play, friendship, and learning encounters. It’s our hope that every child in our preschool develops a sense of themselves as strong, capable and socially aware individuals.

We focus on progressive education models that prioritise nurturing children’s individual strengths and interests in the context of learning with others. We take a collaborative learning approach, where children, families and educators are invited to participate, share ideas, and help enrich the preschool experience overall.

We’re inspired by the educators in Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy. We have accepted the project’s invitation that children be recognised as capable, strong and thoughtful citizens, imbued with a capacity and desire to learn. We also recognise that learning is socially constructed, and is fundamentally a joint journey rather than an individual one.

We welcome children from all cultures, faiths and nationalities. We connect with families to nurture meaningful relationships and a learning culture founded on mutual respect and understanding. Our educational approach intentionally fosters a sense of belonging to family, the preschool, and the wider community. The preschool’s cultural identity has been significantly influenced and shaped by our relationship to the Jewish community in Chatswood and beyond. Jewish traditions, values and customs are integrated naturally into the rhythm of our days, and children are exposed to Jewish culture and Hebrew language through our links with North Shore Temple Emanuel, a progressive Jewish community.

Finally, the physical environment of the preschool is designed to support our philosophy in practice, ensuring children feel safe, secure and inspired throughout the day. We believe children deserve a nurturing, rich learning environment, which is warm, inviting and filled with delights that invite them to wonder, explore and play.

Providing early childhood care and education for over 30 years

The preschool was established in 1981 through funds donated by Jack Hannes and Eva Holmes, dedicated in the memory of their parents, Martin and Emma Hannes. The centre was officially opened on 23 August 1981 by the Mayor of Willoughby, Alderman Jack Donnelly, and commenced operation in September. In 1995, the name was changed to North Shore Temple Emanuel (Martin and Emma Hannes) Preschool, to more accurately reflect the premises and Jewish background of the school.

In 2015, building upon its long history as a community based preschool and responding to the changing needs of working families in our local area, the centre transitioned to a preschool and long day care centre. We continue to specifically cater towards preschool children (3-5 years old), but now do so 50 weeks a year and with longer flexible hours for families to access the centre.

To mark this significant transition, the centre has changed its name to Apples & Honey Preschool. Apples and honey carries cultural meaning to the Jewish community; it is a traditional dish eaten during the Jewish New Year, and a favourite amongst young children. We hope that just as apples and honey is a favourite dish for many children, Apples & Honey Preschool will be a favourite place for your children.